Sharing stories is how we get to know one another. We encourage you to ask people their stories, you can even use our model of three story-based questions.

The world right now needs the most vivid, transformative universe of words that you and I can muster. And we can begin immediately to start having the conversations we want to be hearing, and telling the story of our time anew. – Krista Tippett, Becoming Wise (2016)

September 2017 – February 2018 we are doing some major lifting with our sister ministry, United Faith Leaders. United Faith Leaders is joining forces with Father Cathie Caimano of Free Range Priest to create Clergypreneur Training. Clergypreneur Training will allow faith leaders to join us on our journey as we help the Church appropriately adapt to the information age.

The Coffeepot Fellowship continues to introduce you to diverse faith leaders and looks forward to increasing our publication rate. The work of storytelling is fun and important. We’re very glad to be part of it and we thank you for your support.

Coffee with Melissa Fallen

Set your listening device to start at episode 1, Coffee with Melissa Fallen or to 126, Coffee with Kyle Oliver. Just enjoy yourself as you ponder, “Now that I’ve heard this episode, how has my understanding of God changed?”

The Coffeepot Fellowship Podcast introduces you to a new person  each episode. We roll with wherever our guest takes us, having fun along the way. You will hear from faith leaders of various traditions and various areas of expertise.

Coffee with Kyle Oliver

Guests are invited to share:

  • a favorite story from anywhere,
  • a story of biggest blunder or trial from their lives,
  • a story of a happiest ministry moment, and
  • something they’d like to promote.
Coffee with Takiyah Nur Amin

We want you to be inspired and to develop relationships with our guests. Will you learn things? Absolutely. Here are some recent faith leader interviews:

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