For the summer of 2017 we will publish episodes twice each month. If you want daily episodes just start at #1 and we’ll be back before you get beyond #120.

The world right now needs the most vivid, transformative universe of words that you and I can muster. And we can begin immediately to start having the conversations we want to be hearing, and telling the story of our time anew. – Krista Tippett, Becoming Wise (2016)

The Coffeepot Fellowship Podcast will introduce you to a new person  each episode. We roll with wherever our guest takes us, having fun along the way. You will hear from faith leaders of various traditions and various areas of expertise.

Guests are invited to share:

  • a favorite story from anywhere,
  • a story of biggest blunder or trial from their lives,
  • a story of a happiest moment in ministry from their experience, and
  • something they’d like to promote.

Will you learn things? Absolutely.

We want you to be inspired and to develop relationships with our guests.

If you find that you love our guests or the podcast, please write us an awesome review on iTunes &/or our Facebook Page.

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