42: Coffee with Arthur Jones

AJones2Cindy Hardy hosts this episode. Her guest is the Reverend Arthur Jones. Arthur is a 5th generation Methodist pastor and the founder of The Well, a 750 member contemporary congregation in Plano, Texas. He is also coauthor with his father, Bishop Scott Jones, of Ask: Faith Questions for a Skeptical Age. Arthur is the lead pastor at The Well and Associate Pastor at St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church. They’re the same church, really, but just roll with it.
Host Cindy Hardy
Host Cindy Hardy

Cindy and Arthur know one another from the University of Kansas. They served on the campus ministry leadership team together at Wesley-KU. We are happy to have the opportunity to bring them back together on The Coffeepot Fellowship Daily Podcast. Thank you to Cindy for all of her trailblazing and overcoming of obstacles. If you have listened to many episodes that I, Jay McNeal, have hosted then you know that getting the technology right and all the conversation and cues “right” is, well, a learning curve. This is an excellent first interview by Cindy.

ArthurJones1We must admit, also, that Arthur Jones is another courageous guest in his willingness to be completely vulnerable and honest. He discloses the personal hell that he went through becoming a divorced person. What does it mean to be a faith leader and feel so powerfully inadequate? Can one lead with any integrity after (or during) such a definitive failure? As a divorced person myself the feelings of utter worthlessness try to return in me. Yet if we do not allow our lives to be redeemed then all that God has left for us to do will be undone.
AJones1If Arthur had not persevered through the sad times then he would not have the opportunity to be leading all the people he does today. He would not have the happiest ministry moment story that he does. And Arthur lives that happiest moment every week, over and over again. It is with joy and sincere humility and grace that Arthur can extend a hand of welcome to others. Can we all extend this grace? Of course we can, but sometimes we need others to show us how.


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St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church

The Well (Contemporary Worship)

Ask: Faith Questions in a Skeptical Age by Arthur Jones and Scott Jones

Atheist Delusions: The Christian Revolution and Its Fashionable Enemies by David Bentley Hart

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