34: Coffee with Ben Brown

Left to right: Chris, Ben, and Jay.
Left to right: Chris, Ben, and Jay.

Ben Brown once came up to me and recalled how the ministry ideas we had brainstormed in theory I had actually implemented. Ben was no onlooker though. Ben is a shining example of how students and leaders can use United Faith Leaders to serve real people and expand their actual experiences while creating additional income. Ben has since graduated with two masters degrees and is pastoring in western Virginia. Our ministries and talents have expanded each other’s ability to care for and support real people. Thanks for being so courageous and open minded, Ben Brown.

Ben5Ben serves alongside youth and their families at First Baptist Church in Waynesboro, Virginia. While achieving his master of divinity from the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond (BTSR) and his master of patient counseling from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), Ben served in a similar part time role with youth and families at Derbyshire Baptist Church. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Ben as Ambassadors at BTSR and at Union Presbyterian Seminary’s theological library. Many people are grateful to claim Ben as their friend and I certainly count myself among those throngs.

Ben2Something you may or may not notice in this interview is that Ben, and our cohost Chris Wondree, express themselves without stereotypical macho barriers. They are both very masculine men but they will not hesitate (or perhaps even notice) their willingness to speak with metaphors that are not limited to sports or cars. They will describe their feelings and abstract appreciations of the arts. What is being modeled and lived out is the strength of being vulnerable. Kudos, gentlemen.


Chris Wondree is featured in a separate podcast episode tomorrow, with Ben Brown as cohost. Click here for that.


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