15: Coffee with Bernie Henderson

Berniehenderson2We all know that faith leaders do not do their job alone. Ordained or highly educated clergy often carry the responsibility of teaching about faith and God. There are some professions that overlap or interact with clergy and other faith leaders. Occasionally the Coffeepot Fellowship Podcast will invite a guest from one of those areas of expertise for their special perspective that has so much insight into the work of faith leaders. Faith leaders are often so completely immersed in their ministry that they cannot see themselves from any perspective but theirs and those who see with the same eyes. Those new or nearby offer opportunities for growth and enlightenment.

BernieHenderson6bBernie Henderson is the President of Woody’s Funeral Homes here in Richmond, Virginia. I am sure that you will agree that an experienced operator of funeral homes can have important things to say into the lives of faith leaders, especially after listening to this interview.

My apologies to Bernie and our listeners for the sound quality of this interview. The device we recorded with proved to be very unsatisfactory and will never be used again.


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