131: Coffee with Bethany Stolle

Bethany Stolle is an interaction designer, curriculum developer, and entrepreneur with a ten years of experience. Bethany spent nearly a decade developing innovative, experiential curriculum for the non-profit religious publisher, Augsburg Fortress. Check out her work today at Stolle Creative.

I saw a workshop led by Bethany for Virginia Theological Seminary’s eFormation program. When I saw what Bethany brought to the table, figuratively, and the design table, literally, I knew I wanted to have her on the podcast so you could invite her to your design processes.

On this show and in our sister ministry, United Faith Leaders, the notion of being entrepreneurial in ministry just keeps growing. Bethany brings her education and experiences, including the completion of an intensive program at Austin Center for Design (AC4D) called Interaction Design and Social Entrepreneurship to our creative and entrepreneurial conversation.

Bethany’s stories range from birth to death as we hear about her then-eleven-month-old son and her EMT experience. I hear your questions and assure you that the answers are inside the interview, so enjoy. (And if they’re not then feel free to ask on our Facebook page under the post of Bethany’s interview! Then you can like the page while you’re there.)


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