2: Coffee with Brian McLaren Pt. 1

Brian McLarenPhoto by Courtney PerryWhen United Faith Leaders was Clergy for Hire Brian McLaren was kind enough to accept Jay McNeal’s invitation for a podcast interview and Jay was curious enough to ask him why. For those that know Brian McLaren’s work his answer will come as no surprise. Having spent 24 years as a pastor and the next eight continuing to write and speak about religion and the world, he wants to support clergy whenever he can. He has succeeded through his scholarship, intellect, commitment and vulnerability. And he has succeeded in this episode of The Coffeepot Fellowship Podcast.

Logo RetroWhat does Brian McLaren think about the “nones” and the “dones” in society? How does he relate to those who are “other” or disagree with him? How does he respond to those “against organized religion?” What does he say the Bible is? Has your Christianity been repackaged to fit in the parameters of modernity? Has Jesus faith been repackaged by us? And if your best has not been good enough to be successful where you live, what do these questions have to do with your ministry? How might you move from the drudgery of the mundane to rediscovering your ministry with joy? Is it possible? It is our prayer that God will be a part of your time with us and Brian McLaren so that we can all move forward with increased faith.


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