113: Coffee with Cathie Caimano

Hello, friends. I’m Father Cathie.  I’m an Episcopal priest in North Carolina, serving congregations and people with the freedom to go where I am called. That’s why my ministry is called Free Range Priest — instead of serving one church or group, I serve in many places and many ways. Through teaching and discussing Christian practice in everyday life, I help clergy and congregations re-imagine relationships and connect with audiences through digital evangelism.

I became a Free Range Priest after a decade serving in Episcopal congregations in New York City, Durham, NC and Wichita, KS, then another five years serving regionally on a bishop’s staff, where I worked with clergy and congregations through mission and ministry development. Today I consult and teach for Backstory Preaching, an online preaching program, as part of my Free Range Priest Ministry, along with blogging, speaking,  coaching, and leading worship.

I’m married to the love of my life, and together we raise my two dogs and his three kids (but don’t call me a stepmom). I’m an avid runner, a pretty committed vegan, and a champion coffee-drinker.

Jay: Coffee drinker!?!? Well then, Cathie, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to the show and thank you for the introduction.  As most of you know, I’m your host at Coffeepot Fellowship and a bit of a free range priest myself.

If you were to browse the web pages for Free Range Priest and United Faith Leaders you would quickly understand why I am so excited to get to know Father Cathie.  Cathie brings great experience and expertise to her ministries. One of the areas of expertise that has caught my attention has to do with her conceptualization and language. Her bachelor of science degree from Georgetown University is in Linguistics and her master of divinity is from The General Theological Seminary in NYC.

What does a pastor with a linguistics degree – a degree in the study of language – feel or say when she is holding The Word of God in her hands, called to transfer, teach or communicate that holy body of words? Does it feel possible? Is it a burden? Does it feel futile? Or, rather, is it an easy joy? Jesus is the Living Word; is that even more marvelous to a Christian with a linguistics degree?

Father Cathie shares that we each carry that Word – Jesus Christ – in us, that the Word is alive. The beauty is that we have been reading and communicating the Word, this Love, to one another for centuries. It is infinitely creative and mysterious. Each one of us is “translating” it and adding to that conversation all the time.

This linguist is also a Biblical literalist, “a real one,” she declares! You’ll have to listen to this podcast episode to hear her make her case.

As of October 2017, Cathie and I have partnered together to produce Clergypreneur Training. This is a true collaboration of our different skills and the specific tools of our respective ministries, all packaged in one place!  You can also join us Wednesdays at 2pm Eastern Time for Clergypreneurs Live!

So, there are many ways to stay tuned and stay involved with Father Cathie as she is facilitating a better, more creative future for God’s beautiful Church and world. Let her know that you are interested in becoming a Free Range Priest. (By the way, you cannot simply start calling yourself a Free Range Priest without the certification. The name is actually Cathie’s property.) To stay tuned in you can: follow her on Twitter and like the Free Range Priest Page.


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