39: Coffee with Cathy Knight

CathyKnight2Does courage come easily to some? I don’t know. But from start to finish of this interview Cathy Knight lives her courage. Before we ever get to our question of the biggest blunder or trial in her life she has been entirely revealing and vulnerable. Which begs me to name how much of our stories we all must naturally keep private. It takes courage to be the real leaders who bring their real, full stories out into the light so that we can all begin to know that we’re each okay. Our struggles and our diversity are beautiful and often completely God-given (i.e. normal and natural).

We straight people in the majority have long believed that people in the minority sexual orientation and sexual identity percentages were almost nonexistent. Our misunderstanding, I believe, has largely been because gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer friends “could” keep it secret from us. They “could” pretend. I put “could” in quotes because it cannot actually be done without destructive consequences. It is emotionally hurtful and otherwise damaging to deny or hide a natural part of who one is. I’m not talking about hiding a behavior at this point, I’m talking about hiding who you are on the inside, how you are wired. Regardless of if I do anything sexually, I am still a straight person. Put another way, I be straight (no matter what I do in action or behavior). I cannot change it, not through therapy, prayer or torture. I digress. These are just some facts as I’ve come to understand them over the past 25 years.

CathyKnight1Cathy did not get on any sort of soap box the way I just did. With grace she simply shared some of her story. In her professional role as the Executive Director of the Church Within A Church Movement (CWAC.us) she has done an amazing job at the intersections of injustice, oppression and faith. Their movement works from the margins inward in growing a culture of belonging. You can hear how CWAC and her have learned to approach everything from a paradigm of possibility rather than one of problem solving.

CathyKnight5If after listening to this episode you believe in a vision of the world that is in harmony with Cathy’s (and mine) then I strongly encourage you to make a video contribution (yes, a video) by going to mygodisnotabully.com to support the My God Is Not A Bully 2.0 project. You can be LGBTQ, any age, or a straight ally like me. I’m planning to show my face there and I hope you’ll join me.

This video is Cathy’s own video within the larger project.


Sponsor: United Faith Leaders

My God Is Not A Bully 2.0

CWAC Justice Ministry Award

Community: The Structure of Belonging by Peter Block
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