31: Coffee with Cheryl Douglas-Walker

257274_1921816358252_5880252_oCheryl Douglas-Walker has an infectious laugh. The laughter and the correlated faith are both gifts from God that bless people anywhere near her path. She is a source of many good things and is always good for a great hug.

403052_10100775464859063_1712244595_nRev. Douglas-Walker knits sermons and her hats preach. That might sound backwards but it’s no mistake. Cheryl’s sermons are wonderfully woven and bring her many unsought accolades. You’ll hear in this interview how God can get her moving. And once she has momentum she is a force. It does not mean that she will preach long but it does mean that she’s got a word for you.

Receiving her towel the evening ceremony which precedes graduation day at BTSR. The towel invokes towel and basin imagery and service in the world.

And her hats are as sought after as her faith lessons. If you’re not sure what to ask for just go with “the Queen Latifah.” Cheryl’s hat hobby has blossomed into quite a little boutique business but she does not want it to be more than a hobby.

“Be who you are, who the spirit of God is within you.”

417251_740625124469_1320742217_nDuring the interview you can hear how a question came and left my mind before I could get it asked. I had myself confused because I remembered it after we moved on, of course. But the point in my head was that “What is the church?” became a standard question in my podcast show before we relaunched as The Coffeepot Fellowship Daily Podcast. Logo RetroAfter we finished today’s longer episode  Cheryl and I discussed the question and she wished I had asked it. She said, “That’s easy. What’s the church? It is us.” Reiterating she said, “It’s not the building, it’s us.”


Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond (BTSR)