Coffee with Chris Davies

chrisdavies4Reverend Chris Davies is studying as a doctoral student at Andover Newton Theological Seminary in Massachusetts.  She works for the United Church of Christ at the national level as an ordained UCC Coordinator of Congregational Assessment Support and Advancement.  She is also spearheading an endeavor called The Queer Clergy Trading Cards.  Self identifying as white, queer, high fem, Chris explains how her self-identity and queer theology work together to shape her ministry.

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I am not ashamed to admit that the first thing that brought my attention to Chris was this profile picture on Facebook of a woman in a clergy collar pulling open her clergy shirt to reveal the words on her shirt underneath. I think this would get anyone’s attention. The black text on a fairly bright aqua/teal/turquoise shirt read, “do you know how queer I really am?” I’m a supporter of women in ministry and leadership widely. I have heard for decades how female preachers and speakers get criticized about how they dress, and their makeup and accessories when leading (and when they are not).


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