35: Coffee with Chris Wondree

Left to right: Chris, Ben, and Jay.
Left to right: Chris, Ben, and Jay.

Chris Wondree fills the guest seat for this episode while Ben Brown cohosts with me, Jay McNeal. While I managed to stay very active as a student at the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond it was people like Chris and Ben that allowed me to hang out with the cool kids.

I graduated in 2013. Ben graduated in 2015. Chris must be going to graduate in 2016. All three of us represented the school as official Ambassadors to the admissions office and the office of the president. We each own pretty spiffy blue polo shirts. To learn more about Ben you can click here to check out the episode when Ben was interviewed.

Wondree4Here’s an interesting note, Chris and my wife, Kelli, work together as RA’s in the seminary housing were we live. An RA is a Resident Assistant and, well, assists residents with assorted needs in the building. It is an unusual situation for a graduate like myself to move back into a seminary apartment after graduating. It’s actually nicer living than I was able to afford before getting married, so I’m quite grateful. Now if I could just get Chris stop being so noisy upstairs! (Not really.)
Wondree3Something you may or may not notice in this interview is that Chris and Ben express themselves without stereotypical macho barriers. They are both very masculine men but they will not hesitate (or perhaps even notice) their willingness to speak with metaphors that are not limited to sports or cars. They will describe their feelings and abstract appreciations of the arts. What is being modeled and lived out is the strength of being vulnerable. Kudos, gentlemen.

Logo RetroBefore going I’d also like to thank Chris for being the first guest to tell an embarrassing story which included siblings.


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