29: Coffee with Cindy Hardy

CindyHardy2Rev. Cindy Hardy knows her calling and has not stopped answering it since day one. Some people do the work of their title. Others can be described by the title even if they were not working in that capacity officially. For example, some people are teachers whether they are employed as teachers or not. One can be a teacher by nature.  While Cindy is certainly much more than her title, Cindy Hardy is a chaplain.

CindyHardy5Most people probably do not finish their first day on the job as a hospital chaplain and feel enthused. It’s hard, draining, emotional work. However, Cindy knew that ‘this was it.’ What she did not know at the time was how much hard work, faith and perseverance it would take to secure a professional full time position as a hospital chaplain. Today Cindy is board certified by the Association of Professional Chaplains and, at the time of this interview, had secured a professional position after 23 interviews. She has completed a remarkable seven units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)!

Logo RetroCindy Hardy has also been my colleague in ministry since very early on. She has been the Networking Chaplain for United Faith Leaders, previously called Clergy for Hire. We’ve been partners with this vision that anyone should be able to find a faith leader when they want one. As I am writing these show notes the new United Faith Leaders(.com) website is being built and our entire online presence is moving from one hosting company to another. It will take some time before our transition is complete. Despite the growing pains this will certainly improve the ease and functionality of that part of our ministries. Thank you to Cindy for serving our public and recruiting our clergy!

CindyHardy3Stay tuned, also, as Cindy is gearing up to help host episodes of The Coffeepot Fellowship Daily Podcast! You’ll have your very own experiences after this particular episode with “Pitstop Chaplain” Cindy Hardy!


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