52: Coffee with Jay McNeal

IMG_1790Some of you, especially my friends, have asked, and others may be wondering, “Jay, how do you make any money doing this?”

Which evokes immediate laughter because the answer is, “I don’t.”  The podcast is obviously 100% free to you.

I have no desire really to charge anyone. I would love to do everything I’m doing for free. All of the ministry work that I do, with The Coffeepot Fellowship Daily Podcast and with United Faith Leaders, is structured so that either no cost or almost no cost is passed on either to the faith leaders or the people that we are serving. 

Since I started podcasting on our previous show I planned to podcast commercial free for the first 3-6 months from when we expanded the podcast. I also planned to be podcasting 6 or 7 days/week. However, as luck would have it I was offered a full time job with benefits at the library that I love the day after the launch of the expanded podcast, The Coffeepot Fellowship Daily Podcast as you know it.

IMG_1776Fear not. We’re not going to stop podcasting this show just because a great job has come along. We need to keep bringing you real stories from real leaders. Our audience is growing, our support is growing, and our guest list is growing. We’re aware of how the world is changing, how the church is changing, and how you need encouragement to live into who you are called to be, whether you have a job that requires you to shower before you clock in or after you clock out. We want you to live in to who you are. You be you. We think this show helps.

So three months is up and it is time for The Coffeepot Fellowship Daily Podcast to find sponsorships from people and organizations that our audience will find value in. If it isn’t a match for your needs then we do not want to clutter your life with it.

If you know of any people, ministries or other organizations that would want the ear of any of the following: faith curious people, people of faith, or faith leaders. Here are some possibilities:

  • Denominations (UCC, CBFva, Alliance of Baptists, UMC, etc.)
  • Church Within A Church Movement (cwac.us)
  • Seminaries (BTSR, UPSem, Andover Newton, etc.)
  • Dignity Memorial (Funeral Homes) (Woody Funeral Homes is associated with DM)
  • Cokesbury
  • WordPress
  • Audible.com
  • Chapter & Verse Bookstore
  • WeddingWire.com
  • TheKnot.com
  • GoToMtg.com
  • Churches (Church of the Res, Richmond’s First Baptist, etc.)
  • Leadership Development programs? Lay Leader Education/Training?
  • How to get a grant companies.
  • Ministries (Embrace Richmond, Consultant Individuals like Steve Perky for technology and Steve Law for Church Finances)
  • A Sermon for Every Sunday

Two factors to mention before I move on: the cost and the timing. Cost for advertising on any podcast is going to be a function of how many listeners or downloads the show has. It seems to me that an especially good time to get contracted with a show for sponsorships is shortly before its huge, when the advertising is relatively inexpensive, since the advertising will remain within each episode and continue to be heard.

And now, with a proven track record for growth and success, we are now about to take a break to work on some important growth elements and record the next season of episodes. We’ll come back with many new guests and baby-step our way into sponsorships.

I want to say, seriously, from my heart to yours, that I appreciate your bearing with me through all of the learning curves, however long you have been plugged in. We’re a startup. Which means you’re a part of something awesome, creative and a good bit scrappy. As we grow you’ll always be able to say “you knew us when.” Thanks to you and also thanks to all of our contributing interviewees.

Our guests have brought you the stories and wisdom of their lives. They have shown courage and confidence in their understanding, however vast or limited, of this world. They’ve told you their secrets so that you could either avoid falling into the same traps and/or to know that, however similar or different, you could walk through your own trials and experience sweet ministry moments again and again yourself.

Ben2Furthermore, I also would like to give a shoutout to everyone who has pitched in to help our ministries: our board members, Julie Canfield, Cindy Hardy, our cohosts and guest hosts, Steve Perky, Nina Adkins, Ben Brown, Rachel Perky, and most of all, my family who sacrifice everyday so that I can put my heart into supporting everyone else’s calling to live into who they are called to be. My wife Kelli should not be welcomed into married life to an overworking, underpaid, idealist’s overwhelm. So to all who believe in supporting one another, thank you for supporting me and this ministry.

I usually ask others what they’d like to promote, so before I go I’d like to promote two things myself.  The holiday season often has a lot of couples getting engaged, so this may be wonderfully timed. Weddings and faith leaders, however, are always going to be in season.

  1. Wedding Course A-Z, free for everyone.
  2. United Faith Leaders for everyone.

Both can be found on the home page at unitedfaithleaders.com

Left to right: Chris, Ben, and Jay.
Left to right: Chris, Ben, and Jay.

Now before we go, this is the most important closing to a podcast so that you find us when we come back. There are several ways to get notified. We will send up flares in multiple places. So if you subscribe in all of them then you may actually pay attention at that time! Am I right?

You can subscribe by signing up for our podcast in the margin of The Coffeepot Fellowship or United Faith Leaders websites. You can “like” the Facebook Pages for The Coffeepot Fellowship Daily Podcast and United Faith Leaders. And the most obvious one, that I recommend very strongly is to click the “subscribe” button on iTunes right underneath the Coffeepot Fellowship Podcast album cover. iTunes, Facebook and email are probably the best places to find us. Sign in to the iTunes Store to operate there. A lot can be done once you’re in, including subscribing, downloading, rating and reviewing our show and others.

IMG_1771To the faithful, the faith-curious, and everyone(!), thank you and have an amazing holiday season. We will see you when we get back.


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