54: Coffee with Eileen Hix

EileenHixHighGroundsRev. Eileen Hix is a veteran children’s minister at Sidney First United Methodist Church. She has lessons and insights for everyone. As we sat down at a local Sidney, Ohio coffeeshop it felt like the location where all our episodes should take place. We sat in cozy chairs under an enormous, steaming cup of coffee painted the wall (see picture). If you like this mural you can hire Mila at Gallery 2TEN.

Eileen on her weekly radio routine.

Many of you know Kelli, my wife, and have seen pictures of her which I’ve included with the show notes for two podcast episodes that I have done without a guest to interview. Eileen is one of Kelli’s pastors from her hometown church in Sidney, Ohio. Sidney is where we were married August 1st and Eileen was the minister who did our wedding and pre-marriage counseling. We are both so honored and grateful to have Eileen in this intimate role and space with us. I use the present tense because she remains special to us.

Eileen & Chip Hix

Moving on, who should a church hire first, a youth minister or a children’s minister? Who is the primary teacher for a child? Do you automatically side with your children to defend them against their trained teachers? What day of the week does Jesus always die at Vacation Bible School (VBS)? We talked about all this and more with Eileen Hix.


Sidney First United Methodist Church

Recorded at High Grounds Cafe

Art by Mila Duning-Hamilton, Owner of Gallery 2:TEN

Holy Discontent: Fueling the Fire that Ignites Personal Vision by Bill Hybels


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