66: Coffee with Jason Callahan

RSS PointerJason Callahan serves as a Chaplain at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Allied Health Professions. At the time of the interview he was also the President and Moderator of the Black Alumni Association of Union Presbyterian Seminary.

I am happy to re-publish part of this interview with Jason. It is important to talk about race, bias and prejudice with others since it is so difficult to see it in ourselves and possibly impossible to eradicate completely. Every human’s brain is mapped in childhood leaving us with much more subconscious activity than we recognize. We each experience ourselves as very rational and clear thinking. When truly we need one another to help us see ourselves.


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Union Presbyterian Seminary

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Richmond Hill

“Latest News” at UPSem

Black Alumni Assoc. at Union Presbyterian Seminary

Richmond Times Dispatch Article Feb. 2013, Callahan: black alums have blazed a trail.

Youtube Video about Black Alumni Association

Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Allied Health Professions, Patient Counseling. This is where Jason is employed as a chaplain and where he did his Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE).

Organ Donation, please do. The organization that manages organ donation in Virginia is LifeNet Health. Their site can provide more information about becoming a donor and general services.