58: Coffee with Jemma Allen

JemmaAllen1Jemma Allen is an Anglican priest in Aukland, New Zealand, married to another Anglican priest. She is a board member of the RevGalBlogPals group and a contributor to the book There’s a Woman in the Pulpit. She is also a graduate student working to shift the traditional, stigmatized language used discussing suicide.RSS Pointer

JemmaAllen4I could tell the interview was going to be fun when it started like this:
Jay: How do you like your coffee?
Jemma: Without any coffee in it. I’m a hot water drinker.
Jay: [big smile, brain contorting, ‘hot water?’]

And I was right. Later on we heard, well, I’ll let you choose. Which has Jemma been known to clearly articulate as an offering during evening prayer in the cathedral?
A.) “Eternal Spirit, Flow through our lips,”
B.) “Eternal spit, flow through our lips,”
C.) Neither A or B.
D.) Both A and B.

While this interview touches on very important topics of the language around suicide as well as the finding and losing of faith, it also tells a glorious, touching, real tale of a mother-child reunion and a Happiness Dance. Bring tissues.

Please be sure to survey pictures from Facebook or elsewhere of Aukland. It is stirring and beautiful. Jemma lives 5 minutes from the beach.


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