5: Coffee with Jim Somerville

IMG_1620 (1)Pastor and professor Dr. Jim Somerville teaches us to find something to say and to find a way to say it. Good advice from the leader of Richmond’s historic First Baptist, the church who’s pastors are recognized as pastors to the nation. What’s “A Sermon For Every Sunday” and how can you take a class with him (right where you live) at btsr.edu? Find out here.RSS Pointer

My ordination service with Jim Somerville May 25, 2013.
My ordination service with Jim Somerville May 25, 2013.


Jim has been an excellent friend and mentor to me while I was a student at BTSR. He continues to support that seminary as both a professor of preaching, as did his predecessor in the pulpit, Dr. Jim Flamming, and as a member of the Board of Trustees. Perhaps as an excellent metaphor I will also include that Jim and I have done some running together and, as in running as it is in many things, I have a very difficult time keeping up with Jim Somerville.

I have also found it interesting for Jim and I to each have launched, independently and almost simultaneously, two nontraditional, digital ministries which support faith communities. He launched A Sermon for Every Sunday approximately the same time I was launching the Clergy for Hire affiliation of faith leaders.


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