68: Coffee with Jocelyn Blount

JocelynBlount12Jocelyn Blount is quotable. She says, “Read your Bible,” “Allow God to move,” and “Education is power.” When you catch the context for “Sometimes we try too hard” then you will truly appreciate her words.
And Jocelyn Blount quotes. She quotes M.L. King Jr., E.H. Chapin, Marianne Williamson and others.RSS Pointer

JocelynBlount11The mix of her life experience and all of her reading have made her a force that God is using guide discussions about mental illness and other important topics. Jocelyn is a licensed minister, graduate of Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, and an interned with the Woman’s Missionary Union of Virginia.

While being a dedicated servant of God’s, faithful educator, and fun interviewee Jocelyn Blount is also a friend of mine. We were fellow Ambassadors at Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond. JocelynBlount13We went to conferences together wearing our blue polo shirts. We have talked with prospective seminarians, trustees, seminarians at sister institutions, and Baptist icons in our Cooperative Baptist Fellowship worlds. Please enjoy any time that you get to spend with Jocelyn for the gift that it is.

In May 2015 the WMUV is sponsored a conference called Rethinking Mental Illness: A Church Mission. The keynote presenter at the conference was author, coach, wife, mother “and friend of aardvarks everywhere,” Amy Simpson. Her most recent book, Troubled Minds: Mental Illness and the Church’s Mission, relates most specifically  to this conference’s topic.

Amy Simpson
Amy Simpson

“I’m a certified personal and professional coach, and I enjoy coming alongside people to help them make progress, embrace transformation, and make their lives more fulfilling. I work within the principles of Co-Active coaching, a powerful relationship that helps people move from where they are to where they want to be. For some people, this means making a change in career or other life circumstances. For others this means addressing unhelpful patterns, navigating emotional transitions, or overcoming a sense of feeling “stuck” in some way. My coaching is all about helping people own their purpose, move forward in life, and live in truth.”    –  Amy Simpson


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