57: Coffee with John Chandler

My colleague, Kendall Ratliffe, interviewed author and Spence Network leader John Chandler recently. True to most of my experiences with Kendall, I learned a new vocabulary word.

Pusillanimity was the word and dictionary.com uses it in a sentence as follows: “Once again, Republican pusillanimity in the face of gun fanaticism threatens to gut sane gun legislation in Congress.”RSS Pointer

JohnChandler1And the following bio (italics) is verbatim from the Spence Network site:

John, a North Carolina native, leads the Ray and Ann Spence Network for Congregational Leadership, a network that connects leaders with each other and with best ministry practices. Since 2007, the Spence Network has been the catalyst for starting over three hundred new networks serving over two thousand ministry leaders.

Prior to that, John served as leader for the Courageous Churches team at the Virginia Baptist Mission Board, where he has served since 1999. While leading this team, Virginia Baptists quadrupled the annual number of churches planted, reversed a seven-year trend of declining state baptisms, increased attendance at its annual evangelism conference five-fold, and saw 4,463 recorded student decisions for Christ at its Youth Evangelism Conference (double any other four-year period in the event’s history).

JohnChandler20Chandler served as Pastor of Effort Baptist Church in Palmyra, Virginia from 1987-99. During his tenure, the church grew from 17 to 440 in attendance and baptized over 350 people, most of whom were un-churched adults. The church also increased its annual receipts twenty-fold, and increased its annual missions giving from one percent of the church’s budget to seventeen percent.

He has also served as Pastor of Twin County Baptist Church in Kendall Park, New Jersey; on a church planting team for the South Jersey-Pennsylvania Baptist Association; and as Minister of Youth at Friendly Avenue Baptist Church in Greensboro, North Carolina, where he was ordained. He is author ofCourageous Church Leadership: Conversations with Effective Practitioners (2007, Chalice Press, available on www.amazon.com).

JohnChandler21John and his wife, Mary, a nurse practitioner, have two great adult sons, Preston (and wife Maria), and Roland. John enjoys playing tennis, motorcycling, and pulling for the Tar Heels.


The Spence Network

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