49: Coffee with Julia Seymour

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I Sit at My Desk – A Prayer by Rev. Julia Seymour
God of all space and time.
As I approach your people,
I feel the shade of Deborah’s palm over me,
The heft of Elijah’s staff in my hand,
The pleas of David on my lips,
The resistance of the prophets in my feet,
The confusion of the disciples at the forefront of mind.
JuliaSeymour7I sit at my desk and wait for your Spirit
To inspire my writing,
To keep me from slamming down the phone,
To help me listen to the same story over and over,
To breathe life into the coals of my joy,
To celebrate with me in moments of pleasure.
I live out this curious vocation.
Serving your people goes with my tasks as a
Child, parents, sibling, friend, partner,
Lover, neighbor, cousin, grandchild,
Customer, passerby, fellow traveler, pot stirrer.
JuliaSeymour3There are always more identities,
held under the pastoral mantle, with their own work.
Tears of highest joy and deepest grief to dry.
There are goings and comings, celebrations of all kinds.
There ar lists, plans, prayers, homilies,
Half-baked plans and hopes that burst forth from the fruits of the Spirit
And some that wither on the vine.
And somehow, in all of this,
Christ comes.
I confess that I am not always aware of him,
Even as I’m seeking him.
But then, I turn, I see his calling card.
Julia at left.
The healing. The grace. The hope.
And so ministry continues–
Even in me.
Thanks be to you.

The above prayer and the following blurb are from the book There’s a Woman in the Pulpit (see links below).

Rev. Julia Seymour has been the ordained minister at Lutheran Church of Hope in Anchorage, Alaska, since August 2008. She believes strongly in ecumenical and interfaith cooperation. She blogs at lutheranjulia.blogspot.com. Julia enjoys reading, writing, crochet, and outdoor activities. She lives with her husband, their two young children, and their devoted Labrador retriever (page 15).



There’s a Woman in the Pulpit: Christian Clergywomen Share Their Hard Days, Holy Moments & the Healing Power of Humor edited by Martha Spong

The Secret Chord by Geraldine Brooks

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