69: Coffee with Justin Joplin

JustinJoplin3Many of the days of my adulthood I’ve felt called to a life of ministry that looks more like Justin Joplin’s than my own, especially when focusing on his long hair, banjo and hockey skates. Justin moved from a pastorate here in Richmond, Virginia to Mississauga, Ontario in Canada in 2014.RSS Pointer

JustinJoplin2Justin went to the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond before me. He is a fellow member of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. He was also an intern at Richmond’s First Baptist Church before I was. We both strive to be runners although I suspect his ice skating has replaced his running since moving to Canada.  Justin is married with two young kiddos.WildGooseFestival

JustinJoplin5Items he wanted to share with our listeners included Henri Nouwen’s book Life of the Beloved (link below), a book of essays (including his) celebrating 25 years of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (coming out summer 2016), and the following quote which hangs in his office.

Justin & Brian McLaren
Justin & Brian McLaren

If we are truly people of faith, we must be willing to fail more often. If we fail infrequently, it means we are not acting boldly enough or lovingly enough, enough of the time.
– Rev. Hope Douglas J. Harie-Mould, United Church of Christ


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Wild Goose Festival

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

CBF 25th Anniversary Kick-Off Celebration June 22, 2016

CBF at 25: Stories of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (essay by Justin, summer 2016)

Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec

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Richmond’s First Baptist Church

Interview with FBC Pastor Jim Somerville

Interview with Brian McLarenJustinJoplin1

Interview with Tony Campolo

Interview with Bart Campolo

Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond

Life of the Beloved: Spiritual Living in a Secular World by Henri Nouwen

Tim Hortons (Timbits and the “double double”)