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katysteinberg2Rev. Katy Cuthill Steinberg is the pastor of a creative church plant in Florida called Missing Peace. She studied at Columbia Theological Seminary, The University of Dubuque Theological Seminary, and The University of Florida. Ordained in the Presbyterian Church (USA), Katy previously served as the Children’s Minister at Port Orange Presbyterian Church. Katy’s ministry with Missing Peace will give you ideas about church and ministry as well as challenge your thinking about faith and who God is, perhaps especially where God is.

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katysteinberg1There is a creative church plant movement known as Fresh Expressions. I believe it began in the United Kingdom and has expanded to many other places including the United States. The organization helps creative faith initiatives. Fresh Expressions can be virtually anything, such as monthly gatherings where everyone brings a painting they’ve made and five are discussed each month based on a predetermined rotating schedule of members. Or, a more common, perhaps less creative example is a gathering that meets weekly in a bar to discuss theology.  The term “fresh expression” has become familiar language for creative ministries, often nontraditional church plants, where the participants may not even consider themselves as churchgoers.

katysteinberg3The Presbyterian Church (USA) sponsors its own similar initiative called 1001 Worshipping Communities. Obvious to its name it aims to plant 1001 new communities. Their aim is to accomplish this goal within ten years of its inception in 2012 and they are on track to succeed. Missing Peace is one of these creative communities. Learn more in the links below.

audiblefreebkMissing Peace has a natural cycle it moves through each month. One week has a cerebral focus, one spiritual, one service and one physical. The service and physical emphases lend themselves particularly to going to would-be offsite locations.

Game Night!
Game Night!

They may go help build someone a handicap ramp one service week. They may go canoe on a river for a physical week. For a spiritual week they may go to a labyrinth, as Katy describes. And in this way Missing Peace has a beautifully nomadic nature.Logo Retro

Every time my own worshipping community gathers it lights a candle. And ever since I interviewed Katy the candles remind me of imagery she used about lighting fuses.  How much fun is it to add this kind of excitement and even danger to our language and constructs? I pray that Rev. Steinberg’s episode lights a fuse with you.


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