126: Coffee with Kyle Oliver

Kyle Oliver is living in NY, NY. He is in the Communications Media and Learning Technologies Design Program at Columbia University’s Teachers College in pursuit of a doctorate. Kyle studied nuclear engineering and engineering physics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is married and an Assistant Priest at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church.

I was introduced to Kyle more than a year ago when he was the Digital Missioner at Virginia Theological Seminary in Northern Virginia. As the Digital Missioner he help found and implement the annual eFormation Conference which, beginning this year, takes place in various locations as mini-conferences instead of one big conference so that it can reach its growing audience. The Digital Missioner job title now belongs to a previous guest, Sarah Stonesifer. Listeners may also remember Alex Moreschi, who was also a guest and helped with with the 2016 eFormation Conference.

This interview will likely leave you wanting to read all of Douglas Adam’s books, Kyle’s newsletters, as well as salivating in anticipation of the fruits of his doctoral labors. Thanks to Kyle for his time with us and thanks to our listeners for also living into who you are fully called to be.


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