53: Coffee with Lacette Cross

LacetteCross4Lacette Cross could be a guest on twenty separate episodes of The Coffeepot Fellowship Daily Podcast. In our first episode we scratched the surface of many topics. Please do continue allowing God to pull on the threads that speak to you most today. What is a womanist? Who is Katie Cannon? What is a Jamaican Jump? What is “just love?” We may be the show that provokes many questions and answers one. Is God with you?


LacetteCross2Rev. Lacette Cross will inevitably become Rev. Dr. Lacette Cross someday because she is, by nature, an academic. She’s a kind, fun, strong, jovial academic who any congregation would be fortunate to have nearby, but she is first and foremost a powerful pastor-advocate for women of color. She is not a one issue advocate but she speaks with no shame or hesitation about topics which cause most of us to tiptoe or blush. There is a rightful sense that we should not still need to be talking about moral issues that are stuck in the past.

The model she lives is refreshing. It is free of fear, shame or intimidation. I’m pleased to be her friend, inspired by time shared together, and bigger because of the implicit permission she gives to be me.


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Will You Be Whole

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Toni Morrison: Forty Years in the Clearing by Carmen Gillespie

What Moves at the Margin: Selected Fiction by Toni Morrison

Just Love: A Framework for Sexual Christian Ethic by Margaret Farley

Rev. Dr. Katie Geneva Cannon at UPSem

Katie’s Canon by Katie Cannon

The Oxford Handbook of African American Theology by Katie Canon

Virginia Union


Union Presbyterian Seminary

Union College (Jay’s undergrad)

Mt. Vernon Baptist Church

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