12: Coffee with Lana Heath de Martínez

Lana3What does Lana Heath de Martínez’ story have to do with airplanes? Is it possible to be in your 5th of 3 years at Union Presbyterian Seminary? How did marrying an immigrant impact her story? What else don’t you know about Lana? Don’t miss her story. It will help you and help you lead.

RVA = Richmond VA

As luck would have it Donald Trump’s campaign for the GOP presidential nomination visited the Richmond Raceway the night before the release of Lana’s Coffeepot Fellowship Podcast episode. And as luck would have it, I was available to protest The Donald’s bias proclamations regarding latinos with Lana. It was very much a pleasure to meet Lana’s husband, two boys, and some more of her friends. It is always interesting to go someplace as a horde of seminary people when nothing blows our cover. Of course, my clergy collar intentionally communicated the presence of our faith at the positive and pleasant protest, along with the very long list of Bible references. I’m grateful for a little scheduling good luck that night.IMG_1669

Politically, for the sake of our country and the world, I do pray for more than luck. I pray for voters not driven by emotions or the rhetoric of the people that surround them.

IMG_1661Lana’s baby turned one year old the day we visited the racetrack. I hope that she finds a way to accomplish all her schoolwork, care for her children, and love her husband, not in that order. And in the midst of it all please join me in thanking Lana for her unrelenting leadership.

Book Recommendation: Pastrix by Nadia Bolz-Weber


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