111: Coffee with Leslie Boyd

According to Mr. Rogers, Leslie Boyd has a very important job – telling the truth. “Truth-telling is a ministry and it’s a joy to be able to do it,” Leslie says. And Mr. Rogers is not the only famous reverend to encourage Leslie’s truth-telling. Rev. Dr. William Barber, II seems to lend a microphone to Leslie every chance he gets. To learn more of Leslie’s story after this interview, we recommend her blog (below) and her book, Life o’ Mike.

I was happy to have Leslie share about the joy that she experiences while holding politicians accountable. Many Americans, while we’re learning quickly, don’t really know the experience of rallies, protests, and marches. Americans like me had fallen asleep at the switch and thought the ugly parts of American history were in our rear-view mirror. Welcome to whiplash. But it doesn’t have to be 100 percent sad 100 percent of the time when it comes to protesting. Leslie’s experience has been one of camaraderie and sisterhood/brotherhood. When they’re together about Good Work and fighting for the wellness of future souls, they feel good and it shows. Their good feelings take nothing away from the seriousness of their messages. And it is very clear that the politicians that these protesters are as serious as anyone comes.

When we asked Leslie what she wanted to promote she said, “Honesty.” On one hand, it is quite discouraging that this needs to be promoted. On the other hand, it’ inspiring to see individuals banding together to fight for honesty and accountability from our leaders. The pain, devastation and death occurring because of selfishness and short-sightedness at the top are unnecessary. There’s enough pain, devastation, and death that are outside of human control but the ability to be honest is entirely within our ability! Our democracy needs to change so that it is harder for incumbents to make careers out of disgraceful work.

Leslie Boyd did go on to add “activism” to what she wants to promote. She said, “do something; you need to be active in this life.” She suggested some ways and places everyone can actively live out the kindness to which they feel called.

And then we come full circle, back to Mr. Rogers, and ask, “Won’t you be mine, won’t you be mine, won’t you be … my neighbor?”


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