19: Coffee with Lindsay Andreolli-Comstock Pt. 1

images6Lindsay has pastored several congregations and been the leader for numerous ministries. She has the wisdom and knowledge of someone twice her years and the energy of someone knocking down goals left and right. Recently married, recently defended her dissertation, and recently appointed the Executive Director of the Beatitude Society, listen and find out why she is so sought after.

Hear how Dr. Andreolli-Comstock’s internship at Tabernacle Baptist Church many years ago helped her learn to clearly communicate the following, “It’s a common misconception, especially among young ministers, that asking for help conveys weakness or some sort of immaturity when in reality the opposite is true … Asking for help and knowing our limits is a sign of great maturity. “

Dr. Andreolli-Comstock and I met briefly at a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship conference several years ago. It was incidental. I do not even think we were introduced since the fluid body of passers by were not a formal gathering. But I recalled her somehow these years later, in part, I’m sure, for the work she was doing. She had stoles she was offering for sale as part of a ministry enabling women she knew abroad to earn a meaningful living. She was not an ivory tower theorist, she was simultaneously boots-on-the-ground solider, minister and industrialist for the good of others.

The quote Lindsay shares in the interview is as follows, from Fordham University Professor of Theology Elizabeth Johnson:

Only the living God who spans all time can relate to historically new circumstances as the future continuously arrives. A tradition that cannot change cannot be preserved. Where people experience God as still having something to say the lights stay on.

For Lindsay’s time with us and her insights, we are very grateful. For her real commitment and interventions on the ground and in leadership, we are very grateful. Lindsay and I share an alma mater in BTSR, the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, and I am grateful. I am especially grateful because she has become a board member with our ministry and a strong advocate for all that we are accomplishing. She helped me and many first-timers attend the Wild Goose Festival in July 2015 and 2016 and, yes, you know I am grateful. Please encourage Lindsay to keep doing what she is doing and join her as she cultivates up-and-coming leaders near and far.

images7While Lindsay is inspiring the rest of us, let us also inspire Lindsay. On one hand, don’t be confused, she is going to go on doing God’s work regardless how many people support her or oppose her. On the other hand, each of us is human. It is not so much so that Lindsay continues leading but rather that it brings maximum joy and accomplishment to the harvest of good in the world. In order to reverse every negative trend it will take all our hands at the plow together. We have all seen the haters go after people doing God’s good work. Indeed it is the narrative of our Savior, Jesus Christ. So let us love the lovers and break the hearts of the haters. “One world. One purpose. Believe in humanity.” So says her shirt in the picture.


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