129: Coffee with Marsha Foster Boyd

 Dr. Marsha Foster Boyd has been a seminary president, seminary professor, and the Director of Accreditation and Leadership Education at the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada. She is the Chief Catalyst at Catalyst Connections Global and a co-founder of The Bridge Collective with Matthew Abrams. Come find out why her story of happiest ministry moment is now.

Marsha has also just published a two-CD collection of stories called Healing on the Journey: Conversations to Shine Light on Your Path. Clearly, like us, she is a “story person,” one who believes in and knows the power and importance of sharing stories. From this interview you also know that she has a rich life experience from which to draw so that her stories are laden with wisdom and insights.

As a professor of pastoral care, a trained educator, and one who experienced the grief of an assassinated father, Dr. Boyd has a tapestry that is both gracious and inspiring. This was a fun interview to do, an honor that she said yes, and I hope we can share more time together.
There are several ways to get more of Marsha! The Bridge Collective has an upcoming Spirituality & Social Change Retreat in Asheville North Carolina, November 9-12, 2017. If you miss the event or are too far away then ask them about future dates and locations.


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Healing on the Journey: Conversations to Shine Light on Your Path (2 CD set)

Spirituality & Social Change Retreat

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