44: Coffee with Michelle Bodle

MichelleBodle3The day before Thanksgiving Cindy Hardy interviewed Michelle Bodle for The Coffeepot Fellowship Daily Podcast. Cindy is the Networking Chaplain with United Faith Leaders and Michelle pastors two congregations in Pennsylvania. Cindy and Michelle know one another because of a United Methodist outreach to young seminarians.
Michelle ((left)
Michelle ((left)

At one point in the interview Michelle will address a struggle that exists for single women in church leadership. This experience has repeated itself remarkable predictability. You can read some of Michelle’s published story in the James Ellis III book below. (I’m not a big fan of doing anything for the devil’s sake but I’m all for telling the truth.) Back on the topic of single women in church leadership, let’s just test you here. What do you think happens when her congregants discover that she’s single? Do they try to set her up on dates and find her a husband? Of course they do. And if you’re asking, “What’s wrong with that?” then definitely turn the volume up for that section.

Guest Host Cindy Hardy
Guest Host Cindy Hardy

Michelle is the pastor of a two point charge. Her churches are St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Sandy Ridge, PA and Grace United Methodist Church in Philipsburg, PA. Michelle is a graduate of Houghton College where she earned two Bachelor degrees in Psychology and Religion and Drew Theological Seminary where she earned her Masters in Divinity and a Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Formation and Direction in Madison, NJ. The Young Adult Seminarians Network (YASN) was the United Methodist outreach to seminarians where Cindy and Michele met.

Michelle (in pink), Adam Hamilton (very front left).


Grace United Methodist Church in Philipsburg, PA
St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Sandy Ridge, PA

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