18: Coffee with Molly Spangler

MollyBBMolly Spangler is mass consuming a seminary education at Union Presbyterian Seminary here in Richmond, Virginia. She is a dual degree student at UPSem and a colleague of mine at William Smith Morton Library. It’s a long walk from her office to mine but we actually share a very long wall between our work spaces. Don’t tell her this but I can hear when she drills holes in the books!

I tell you one fantastic thing about this interview ahead of time. She literally, accidentally, recreates her biggest blunder story while she is telling us her biggest blunder story! We got such a good laugh at this that I had to edit the volume down because our laughter distorted the recording of the interview.

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If you’re inspired about seminary and you want to get some advice or information about UPSem then use the link below to research &/or contact the admissions office. Molly mentioned that she is pursuing a dual degree, Masters of Divinity (M.Div.) and Masters in Christian Education (M.A.C.E.).Logo Retro


Union Presbyterian Seminary (UPSem)

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