102: Coffee with Monica Banks

monicabanks7Monica Banks is, for starters, a wife, mother, 3rd year seminarian at Wake Forest, and the Executive Director at New Communion Mobile Market & Pantry. It is impossible for Monica’s story to be about one person because her story is a story about food justice. Just listen to what inevitably happens then.RSS Pointer

charleschris1Monica and I met in the 2016 LEAD NOW cohort at the Wild Goose Festival. I was so scattered at the festival that I did not even put that together until Monica explained it to me before our interview. That’s how powerfully my brain doesn’t work when it is trying to do too much. Thank goodness (and Monica) for the second chance to get to know her more.

monicabanks8Coincidentally, Monica came recommended to the Coffeepot Fellowship by two earlier guests, Charles Bretan and Chris Henson (episode 98). Charles and Chris are the hosts of the podcast A Jew and a Gentile Walk Into a Bar … Mitzvah. monicabanks2Charles and I had randomly struck up a conversation together in the Goosecast (podcast) Tent at Wild Goose. Monica, Charles, and Chris were all first time attendees at the 2016 Wild Goose Festival. And lest the connections were nearing their end, Charle’s wife, Gail Bretan, is the Jewish Chaplain at Wake Forest with Monica and Gail plays a role in the “happiest ministry moment” story that Monica shares in this episode. Wow, right?

monicabanks3In this episode there are acronyms flying left and right. We explained most of them. However, I let one get by because I did not feel there was time to bring it up without some explanation – Asset Based Community Development. ABCD is a strategy for helping neighborhoods by identifying the talents and strengths that already reside within the community rather than bringing talent, skills and resources from outside the community. It takes a lot more work, patience and perseverance but is very often much more successful in the long run. Embrace Richmond is an ABCD organization here that was founded by Wendy McCaig. Wendy is literally the professional to contact for direct or indirect support implementing an ABCD strategy. You can hear our interview with Wendy McCaig to learn more.


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