33: Coffee with Nell Bovender

NellBovenderWomen Roofers, that’s what you’re looking for. That is if you’re trying to figure out what Jesus looks like or what the hands and feet of God look like, it’s Women Roofers. And Nell Perry Bovender is the best way to find out more about them. Nell is the Executive Director of Rutherford Housing Partnership and they have been covered by the major national news teams and featured in People Magazine.Lori Nell Susie 1The Rutherford Housing Partnership (RHP) puts to use many magnificent minds and a vary wide array of professionals with very practical, manual skills. Hammers, nails, ladders, construction materials and power tools are the mediums that bring diverse people together to serve their neighbors’ needs.

Nell Bovender wasn’t sure at first that she had landed on an appropriate podcast because she thought I might not consider her a “faith leader.” Make no mistake, she is. It seems clear to me that Nell and a message, gifts and a calling. It’s my prayer that many of you will support who she is and what she is doing by supporting her ministry with thoughts, prayers and, yes, dollars if you can.

100_5833I also hope that you will be inspired by their model of discovering the gifts within you and those around you to serve in the world. RHP cannot get to every home across the state, country or world, but we can if we all work together.


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