133: Coffee with Patricia Lyons

The Rev. Dr. Patricia (“Tricia”) Lyons is currently serving on the Bishop’s Staff as Missioner for Evangelism and Community Engagement for the Diocese of Washington. For 17 years, she was a chaplain, religion teacher, varsity coach and JK-12 Director of Service Learning at St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes (Episcopal) School in Alexandria, VA. She has also taught as an adjunct at the Virginia Theological Seminary, teaching evening and summer courses to masters and doctoral students. Tricia has taught courses in Systematic Theology, C.S. Lewis, Sigmund Freud, Theology and Fiction, and most recently, Christian Themes in Harry Potter.

Tricia is an honors graduate from Harvard College in the Comparative Study of Religion. She holds a Master of Divinity degree from the Harvard Divinity School. She received her doctorate from the Virginia Theological Seminary. Her doctoral thesis was a study of the stages of moral and spiritual development of adolescents.

Tricia is the author of two acclaimed books. The first is a study of the spiritual lives and languages of teenagers, entitled, The Soul of Adolescence. And she recently published her second book on faith formation, Teaching Faith with Harry Potter. She has published numerous sermons, articles and book chapters on moral and spiritual development theory, as well as consulted for independent schools on moral formation and service learning programs. She has been a speaker at the annual conferences of regional independent school associations across the country as well as the national conferences of NAIS. She has worked as a consultant to individual independent schools, as well as to The National Association of Episcopal Schools on how to handle issues of community, diversity and justice in JK-12 independent schools. Tricia has also been a speaker at regional and national conferences in the Episcopal Church on faith formation, social justice, digital ministry and evangelism.

Tricia was surprised as any that Harry Potter became something of importance in her life and ministry. The latest developments in God’s surprising Tricia are in her role as the Hogwarts Chaplain! That’s right, Tricia’s most recent Facebook video as the Hogwarts Chaplain has over 2.5 thousand views! So your first stop should definitely be the Hogwarts Chaplain Facebook Page to watch some videos. Fair warning, don’t underestimate the depth and information you’re about to experience!

Within our interview Tricia a provocative question arose, “Why doesn’t God autosave?” As we conclude I invite you to ponder and respond on the Coffeepot Fellowship Podcast’s Facebook Page.


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