71: Coffee with Paula Stone Williams

PaulaWilliams1Rev. Dr. Paula Stone William’s life is rich with successes, in every area of – with family, in the church, in education, and in business. In her words, “Everything I touched turned to gold.” While she is still turning things to gold it has become more challenging as she has transitioned outwardly to who she has always been inside: female and transgender.

“I am sorry everyone has to reframe their understanding of who I am. I wish they did not have to do so. But – I am. And everyone has a choice to either accept Paula or move on. It is clear most have opted to move on – parents, in-laws, long time friends, co-workers. It is painful, but not unexpected. I come from a world in which exclusion is easier than inclusion.

“For all those willing to struggle through this change with me, I am deeply grateful. Every time someone decides to maintain a friendship, my joy is deep, my heart is full, and the love of Christ makes its way up through the cracks and fissures in the bedrock harshness of things.  (Quote from blog And So It Goes April 29, 2015)

RSS PointerPaulaWilliams5Dr. Williams was the CEO of one of America’s largest church planting organizations, a preaching pastor at two megachurches, a Christian magazine editor, and a seminary instructor. After 35 years in New York, Paula moved to Lyons, Colorado, where she currently serves as a pastoral counselor and church consultant. Paula has three grown children and five granddaughters.

PaulaWilliams6Dr. Williams will be a presenter at the Wild Goose Festival this July (2016). She will talk about the how her life was radically changed in every area, especially her relationship with the church, her family, and her discovering about white male entitlement in American culture.


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