41: Coffee with Rachel Hackenberg

RachelHackenberg1What’s a muggle? What does it mean to tweet? What’s fracking? Language changes. It develops. In writer and reverend Rachel Hackenberg’s words, “Language helps us get at our faith.” Rachel enjoys using today’s language to examine and understand scripture and faith.


Rachel and I discussed a lot of fiction because of all the connections we see between those works of fiction and real life. Fiction, everything from puppet ministry to The Hunger Games, gives us a way to discuss difficult topics in both the abstract and in specifics. It also allows us to do so without invoking people we know personally in the real, nonfiction world. Then we try to transfer the principles we learn in our discussion of fiction to our real world we have new questions and new insights that can help us learn and grow.


Rachel has written a few books on prayer and you can receive prayers throughout the year by signing up at Rachel’s website. Her prayers are offered daily during the season of advent. You can also view or purchase her books below.


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Rachel’s website

Rachel’s Facebook Page

Advent Prayers, Day One, “Square One.”

Sacred Pause: A Creative Retreat for the World-weary Christian by Rachel G. Hackenberg

Writing to God: 40 Days of Praying to God with My Pen by Rachel Hackenberg

Writing to God: Kid’s Edition by Rachel Hackenberg

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