27: Coffee with Robin Gorsline

Robin5The Rev. Dr. Robin Gorsline is my friend. Robin is very well known wherever he has lived and all across Virginia. He is the founder, recently resigned, of People of Faith for Equality in Virginia. He is well educated, kind and a seemingly infinite well of grace.RSS Pointer

Robin7When I was doing my internship at First Baptist Church in Richmond my supervisor, the Sr. Pastor Jim Somerville, took me to a very early Tuesday morning meeting of senior pastors who preached from the lectionary. The lectionary is basically a three year rotation of scripture texts ministers can opt-in to preaching from. This is were Jim introduced me to Robin. These pastors of large “downtown” Richmond congregations gather every Tuesday to discuss their preparation for the upcoming sermon and to support one another. It took no time to appreciate the genuine positive relationships in the small group. If not for that introduction several things would be different today, including that you may not be hearing this interview with Robin. Thank you, Robin Gorsline, and thank you, Jim Somerville.


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