115: Coffee with Sarah Are

Sarah Are is about to graduate from Columbia Theological Seminary near Atlanta, Georgia and relocate to Dallas, Texas! Sarah’s courage to move as she answers her calls brought her through my own Richmond, Virginia for a summer while she completed her Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) and where she reconnected with her undergraduate alma mater, Virginia Commonwealth University. With that same courage and the belief that God finds us all in various ways, Sarah helped launch a ministry called Sanctified Art with the mission of bringing worship and art together.

The Are family, Sarah included, are storytellers. For that reason, at the end of this interview you will surely have a new appreciation of communion and you will know a certain four things. I am quite excited myself at the idea of spreading this family story of four things, even just among our mutual friends that she mentioned. I know that those friends (Amanda Hill, Scott Biggers, Laura Kelly, Daniel Burch, Matthew White, and Nathanael Blessington) will not be able to resist listening to this interview and retelling Sarah’s stories in their ministries, which will certainly reach thousands of people. I will let the storyteller tell her own stories in the episode but I will pen the four things for listeners.

  1. I am responsible for myself.
  2. Every decision has a consequence.
  3. I am baptized.
  4. I am loved.

Sarah, thank you for being a friend to the podcast. Thanks for being so honest, vulnerable, strong and straight-up being yourself.

That soup felt a lot like communion. And it just was this beautiful moment where I felt like I was suppose to be where I was in that moment.


Sponsor: United Faith Leaders

Sanctified Art

Sarah’s Website

Sarah’s College Vegetarian Food Blog “A Rented Kitchen”

Coe College

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)

Columbia Theological Seminary

Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church, Designated Pastor for Youth and Young Adults (as of July 2017)

Morningside Presbyterian Church (Interim Director of Youth Ministries at the time of the interview)

Village Presbyterian Church (father, Rev. Tom Are)

Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church (Overland Park, KS)