103: Coffee with Sarah Stonesifer

Sarah Stonesifer is the Digital Missioner and Learning Lab Coordinator at Virginia Theological Seminary.  Maybe you’ll want to bring Sarah and a VTS e-Formation boot camp to your locale! She is also the youngest president ever elected to the Episcopal Diocese of Washington Standing Committee! In this episode you’ll learn what these things are and maybe glean some wisdom from the wonderful journey Sarah is taking.

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sarahstonesifer2Sarah says she likes her coffee black if it’s good and with some non-dairy creamer if it’s not. If you happen to make her coffee, don’t be offended if she adds cream. I can tell, she would not mean it personally! 😉 And as another personal note, Sarah has become a yoga instructor, living even deeper into being a teacher.

sarahstonesifer5There are plenty of moments when I find myself misdirected or misled, sometimes by others and sometimes all by myself. Researching in preparation for my talk with Sarah I saw a picture in which I thought she might be sitting between her mother and her father, and each parent was wearing a clergy collar. Being a PK (pastor’s/priest’s kid) is not very unusual but being a double PK is quite unusual. So I awkwardly inquired and Sarah set me straight. She shared magnificent stories of who her parents actually are. Maybe someday we can interview each of them! For now, I will let Sarah tell her own stories in the interview.


Sponsor: United Faith Leaders

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Virginia Theological Seminary

Episcopal Diocese of Washington Standing Committee (Bishop’s advisory board), youngest president ever.

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