47: Coffee with Scott Larson-McGuire

ScottLM5One of Rev. Scott Larson-McGuire’s stories involves receiving an anonymous letter. There really is nothing more infantile than an anonymous letter. If you are unwilling to have a mature discussion then you do not have the right to cloak yourself behind anonymity. If you are cloaked then your opinion should be too. Anonymity indicates that the author is severely in the wrong. If you are intimidated by the person to whom you wish to deliver a message then bring a (silent) pastor or friend for support. 

ScottLM3More than once a senior pastor has triangulated himself (always a male) by delivering secret criticisms from an “anonymous” 3rd person or persons. Senior pastors, when this happens send the complainer to the person they are criticizing first. Scott and I are reasonable, approachable people. We want to talk with you. In Scott’s story there was no third person, just the anonymous minister demonstrating immaturity and a lack of courage.

Stephanie Rice and Jay McNeal (right) after my graduation 2013.
(Left to right) Scott, Lauren, Kathryn, Caitie, Jay and Stephanie Rice (see Stephanie’s recent interview) after my graduation 2013.

Sorry, not everyone needed to hear that, but frankly, most people do. We must sit with the people we disagree with. They are our sisters and brothers. Let’s not assume we understand the other until the other agrees with our characterization of them. I am your brother. Scott is your brother. I digress.

ScottLM2Scott Larson-McGuire, like myself, has graduated, been ordained and been married, all in the not-so-distant past. He is a special education teacher today while he step-by-step brings together the pieces of the ministries God is calling him to. The not-yet nature of Scott’s ministry vision does not, however, implicate that he is not living into his calling fully right now. We should never take anything away from the less ceremonial ministries that we are all answering everyday.


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