45: Coffee with Stephanie Rice

Stephanie Rice and Jay McNeal (right) after my graduation 2013.
Stephanie Rice and Jay McNeal (right) after my graduation 2013. Scott Larson-McGuire (left) is another podcast guest!

For our interview I had to search all the Stephanie Rices in Skype’s contact list. I thought I found her when I came across the username “Rice Rice Baby.” No, no, I remembered, that’s just my nickname for Stephanie. She’d never call herself that. When we were in seminary classes together I couldn’t help but singing the song whenever she came in the room. Frankly, I still can’t figure out how anyone can resist singing that song when she walks in the room. I digress.

U of R friends Claire Ligon (left) and Ashlee Murphy (right, earlier podcast guest)

Actually, no I don’t digress. Speaking of singing, Stephanie sang at my ordination service. And no, she did not sing “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice. What she actually sang was “The Summons.” For her friendship, talents and more, I’m grateful.

Stephanie is both in the process of becoming ordained and becoming married. She already has her divinity degree and is an appointed local licensed pastor with her own congregation. In the United Methodist Church ordination is not a hurried process, if I may make an understatement.

StephRice7While Stephanie is celebrating her fiancé she also takes the opportunity in this interview to celebrate her 2 year old niece who is loving to proclaim “Ew, gross!” as often as possible. Although she can’t quite say her g’s or r’s so, well, maybe we’ll help you with a video here soon. The wedding is April 2nd, 2016, so depending when you are listening be sure to send appropriate well-wishes from our community of listeners. (Seriously, find her on Facebook and at least comment on a picture of her and Adam. While you’re there you should try and find the pictures of Stephanie dressed up in a giant chicken costume. I’ll never forget her walking into a seminary class like that. I’m not kidding, Stephanie is the best, you can’t stop her from anything!)


The Reconciling Ministries Network

Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice

The Summons

Claremont School of Theology

Union Presbyterian Seminary

Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond

University of Richmond (Stephanie’s undergraduate journalism degree)

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