94: Coffee with Tom Baynham Jr.


Rev. Tom Baynham Jr.’s first full interview on The Coffeepot Fellowship Podcast. He had been on a previous show of mine before he finished his masters at Boston University’s School of Theology. Tom is just as engaged in life and the world and has taken his “game to the next level.”
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If you listen closely you will catch the term “LGBTQIA.” More familiar is LGBT, short for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. While LGBT communities do, of course, welcome and include Queer, Intersex and Asexual communities, the longer abbreviation makes that inclusion more visible, or in our case, more audible. Learn more here.Genderbread-2.11

Something I am noticing and enjoying in my communities is that they are advocating for people different from themselves. You’ll hear Tom advocate for the LGBTQIA communities as well as women and girls. He is also advocating for the education of boys and girls in another country. You are hearing that from a black man. He won’t hesitate to talk about racism in America but it is neither is first or only place of advocacy.

MalalaMoviePosterWhere I did hear racism in America being addressed was in a nearly all white church this morning. This church has “Black Lives Matter” in a heavy duty sign on the front of its building and many members have pins and ribbons on their clothes and name tags with the same “Black Lives Matter” slogan.

At a recent immigration educational series I attended several immigrants shared their stories about how they are already advocating for other groups and how they desire to contribute even more in the communities we share. This was not lip service, these neighbors of mine are already walking the walk (if I can mix my metaphors).

1973, Tom is in back right.

TomBaynham8Rev. Baynham shows that strength is vulnerability.  He shows how God’s work can be seen in our successes and through our trials. Listen to the podcast and you will hear the evident truth that God is just getting started with Tom Baynham.

And if you’re really listening you might hear that God is just getting started with you too. Maybe it’s just my misunderstanding, but it seems to me that God is calling you to seminary – maybe even a Baptist seminary in Richmond.

MalalaMoviePosterEven if you do not feel called to professional ministry, it is important to know what the Bible says. Beyond what you are taught in Sunday School, if you are going to lead anywhere, even in a household as a parent, then you need to sit in a serious seminary (an ATS accredited seminary). Try to find one that teaches critical thinking; do not go to a school where everyone comes out saying the same things. (That’s just brain-washing.) Ask me questions on Facebook if you want to discuss faith, scripture, life or this Rev. Baynham.


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