Coffee Flashback with Tom Baynham

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Rev. Tom Baynham Jr. is a notable human being. He’s a leader. He’s kind and very visible. He’s visible because he’s got a voice and he is not afraid to use it. He uses it while singing in choirs, for solos, for teaching and for preaching. He uses it to moderate meetings and provide friendship and pastoral care. He’s also visible because he conducts choirs. It’s hard not to be charmed by the jovial, gregarious, six foot something guy with the booming voice who is swinging his arms in beautiful orchestration. And there is a quality about Tom’s voice that I would describe as having no edges. His voice carries far but has very gentle, soft qualities.RSS Pointer

TomBaynham3Never mind, however, his physical attributes for this interview. Drink in this episode, which I’m calling “Time with Tom,” for its content. Rev. Baynham has a great deal of education and very diverse experiences in professional church ministries. He will disclose his most difficult times as divorce and being terminated at church so that we have the same opportunities for our growth and learning as he did.

1973, Tom is in back right.

TomBaynham8Rev. Baynham shows that strength is vulnerability.  He shows how God’s work can be seen in our successes and through our trials. Listen to the podcast and you will hear the evident truth that God isn’t done with Tom Baynham and God isn’t done with you


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