9: Coffee with Tony Campolo Part 1

Tony, as he will quickly request you call him, is a founder of the Red Letter Christian movement (RedLetterChristians.org), author of more than 35 books and professor emeritus of sociology at Eastern University. I was honored to recently sit with Dr. Campolo and his wife Peggy during the closing worship at the Wild Goose Festival in July 2015. I was also honored to sit with everyone who attended the festival, yet it was the first time I was able to spend a little time with a man known to be iconic to evangelical Christians, often invoked with his similarly well known preacher Billy Graham.

Dr. Campolo capitalizes on the interview opportunity to let us know thoroughly what he thinks and what he sees going on within Christianity and in the broader landscape.

What does Tony Campolo think about “Christian radio” and Obamacare?  What three things would drive Bart, his adult son, away from Christianity? Can Christ operate outside the church? Can you demonstrate both Power and Love at the same time? Can God? What is the Red Letter Christian movement? When will Tony’s book, coauthored with Bart Campolo, A Difficult Dialogue: A Discussion Between an Evangelical Father and His Agnostic Son be published? It’s all in this podcast!

At the Wild Goose Festival Tony shared the main stage with Brian McLaren for a short discussion about Tony’s recent public letter changing Tony’s position to one that advocates for the full inclusion of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities into the full life of the Church (see corrective note below). Tony spoke very openly and honestly about the friends and organizations that have disassociated with him and canceled him from leading at their events.

God created us in His image and we decided to return the favor.(George Bernard Shaw)


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Adventures in Missing the Point by Brian McLaren and Tony Campolo

Note: The following was asked to be included as a correction to the above synopsis of Tony’s position:

“I did not include bi sexual and transgender brothers and sisters in my statement, simply because I don’t know enough about them, and if I get asked questions about them, I am not competent to answer. I want all persons who want Christ to hear the Gospel in the church, but please note that there are limitations to what I know – hence I did not reference transgender and bi sexual Christians in my statement. This by no means is to suggest that I want them excluded.”

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